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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Things That Really Matter (a.k.a. Breaking The Rules)

The Things That Really Matter

It's a topic I've discussed a lot lately over at Y3B.  The perfectionist in me wants to get every detail right but the free spirit in me wants to have fun and follow my passions.  It's a constant struggle many of us face.  Luckily, I've met some folks to help me remember the stuff that brings me closer to where I really want to be (while enjoying every step of the way)...

Nom nom.

(BTW, I make an awesome vanilla flan...
And my cheesecake flan is no slouch either - YUM!)

Through what felt like serendipity at play, I met Stacy Reck of the Dessert First Blog on Twitter and boy has it put our mission into focus.  While the concept of dessert first is not unique to her, Stacy is possibly the most authentic person speaking about her subject matter of choice.  She is living proof of why we all need to "have dessert first" in our lives.
Will you break some rules and have dessert first with us?  I sure hope so!

As a baking enthusiast and someone that enjoys the simple things in life, including breaking some rules to find contentment and fulfillment, Stacy's moniker of "Dessert First" really works.  Yet the blog is so much more, much like this blog.  I feel compelled to borrow some pages from her playbook, just because she's put into words what I've often had trouble putting into words (at least in a concise manner.. but, hey, that's me - verbose and all).

Here are a few lessons straight from Stacy Reck's The Rule Breaker's Manifesto along with my take on each one..

  • Embrace Yourself - Traditional schooling and training teaches us to conform and hide our weaknesses.  Essentially, we are told to be liars, pretenders, and fakes, just to fit in.  I'm surprised more people do not lose their minds - that's just not natural!
  • Live From The Gut - If something does not feel right, follow those gut feelings..  Quite often those inklings lead you to the truth, the better ways.  Of course, this goes completely against what authority figures tell us all our lives: "Do what I tell you - because I said so!"
  • Learn A Relaxation Technique - Too much stress can lead to depression and other terrible things.  Learning to "slow down to speed back up", as I like to say, is important.  You get a better perspective and you can refresh your energy.  Sometimes, all it takes is sitting down in a meditative state and just clearing your mind of all the things that are nagging or nudging you.
  • Question Your Rules - Every rule is made with a particular end in mind; thus, no single rule is final. There may be an alternative and feel free to break some of those shackles off (darn those rules) so you can focus more on, you got it, the things that really matter.
  • Remember The Dreams - Better yet, remember HOW to dream.  This is another thing we're told to suppress, along with our flaws, weaknesses, and true personalities.  I reckon most  have forgotten how to really dream; instead, we focus on material things that do not truly give us joy (and certainly not contentment).  In many ways, this lesson teaches us how to be a kid again.  Remember how good those days were?

There's so many more pearls of wisdom here -  I don't even know where to begin!  Get your FREE copy of The Rule Breaker's Manifesto so you too can break free of pointless rules and busy work that is smothering your soul.  Stacy's work is simple and to the point.  I respect her as a writer because she does not bother with the fluff and junk; instead, it's all about her message.

This here is the stuff at the heart of this humble little web site and I've worked hard to assemble a team and a vision that will give us a common voice, in spite of our various perspectives.  Our goal is to liberate real people from real struggles, the struggles supposed "successes" rarely dare to delve into.

Now, there will be those that will challenge Stacy's supposedly reckless ways but you have to ask yourself, "Is their success the kind of success I want for myself?"  Personally, I rather have more time to spend with my loved ones and the peace of mind of not worrying about silly stuff to truly enjoy that quality time.  To me, that is the ultimate success and if financial freedom can help me get there, then I'll keep on working on that!

Check out Stacy Reck's blog - tell her Yomar sent ya!

...And, if you've checked out her content, tell us what you think right here in the comments - we'd love to chat with you!


Stacy said...

Yomar, Awesome post and thank you. I raise my dessert fork to freedom from struggle and to happiness for all! Stacy

Yomar said...

If you're going to raise your fork, be sure to try some of my vanilla flan while you're at it.. It's creamy and yummylicious! =oD

Glad you enjoyed the post. It was particularly fun to write, thanks to the food references combined with personal development and work-life subject matter - all things I enjoy greatly!

I can't wait to see what you cook up next, Stacy! (Yes, let's keep the food references going until someone tells us to stick a fork in it. Bwahaha!)

Janet Callaway said...

Yomar, aloha. Thx for introducing me to this blog and to Stacy's. What an innovative title she has; can't wait to download her book after I finish commenting.

Yomar, I absolutely agree with the rules listed. As it happens, I have long been a believer in eating dessert first--why save the best for last!

To me, the dessert of life is anything that fills me with joy and appreciation even in its anticipation.

Best wishes for a fantastic Sunday. A 4 tine salute to both of you. Until next time, aloha. Janet

Yomar said...

I like your style, Janet! Let us know what you think after reading her book. It's a quick read, probably worth printing out and keeping as a field reference for most.. Heck, I need to be reminded to go "dessert first" sometimes myself!

The weekend was great.. Just not long enough.. Then again, every day brings great joy and fulfillment.

Be sure to visit us often.. And, yes, this is a contrast from my other blogers for sure. A different blog for a different style.. This here is a team effort!

Aloha. =o)

Samantha Bangayan said...

Yomar, thank you so much for sharing this blog with me! What a perfect introduction -- you *know* I needed to hear this! =) It's the truth that I got scared by all the planning involved. I'm a planner at heart, but "living from the gut" is the way I want to live and the way I try to live.

Coming to live here in Peru indefinitely was me jumping off the deep end and I want to continue listening to my intuition. I just need a little push sometimes and our Skype meeting was exactly the push I needed. Thank you so much again for sharing your energy and enthusiasm!! =)

Yomar said...

I commend you for taking a leap of faith and going with your gut instincts.. It always pays off in the long run because living with regrets is the WORST!

BTW, your enthusiasm and energy is equally inspiring. It keeps me going, even during those moments when I just want to take it easy and have some dessert. Haha

Hey, do you like flan? I always wondered if it was big in Peru. I don't have many Peruvian friends and I always forget to ask.. I'm a bit of a foodie so it can't be helped! ;o)

Pioneer Outfitters said...

Hey! I want some vanilla flan!! Geeze.

Stacy, hi! I don't know why I (Big and Bold) didn't get invited! LOL... I'm heading over to your blog as well and can't wait to download your book! (How cool is that?!)

Your Rules have me really excited to read and see more. It's hard being so isolated, this I know. Even when you are isolated with the ones you love the most, we all need inspiration and to be reminded that we aren't really alone and to remember that it's ok to enjoy the finer things in each of our lives... like dessert! ~Amber-Lee

Yomar said...

You were invited.. This here is your house too, you know! =oD

Alas, I must bake some more flan so we can all partake in it's splendor. Mmmm.. Cheesecake flan is great too.

FUN FACT: Everyone now and then I burn the caramel as I try to make it in a saucepan.. And then I feel like such a newbie cook. LOL

I'm eager to hear what you all think of Stacy's eBook.. Then we can discuss even further. Darn, now I want some flan... But no time to bake now! O_O

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