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What Is Family?  
While we embrace real people and real stories, we also understand that some have a need for anonymity and we can certainly appreciate that.  Here are some of the folks in our virtual family, here on "The Practical Life"... 

Our Family 
Yomar - I've worn many hats in my professional life but I won't bore you with those details.  If you're curious, I'm an open book.  Character is something that impresses me more than credentials or skills, so being able to connect with real people and achieve mutual growth is something that truly excites me!

Yomar's Twitter:  @Yogizilla 

Mommie to a Beautiful Baby Girl - I met Mommie on my main blog, Y3B.  I believe it was on an article dedicated to the irresponsible males that give the rest of us a bad name.  She has always left valuable feedback and I could tell she'd make a great blogger so here we are, making it happen!

Mommie would like to remain anonymous for personal reasons but she loves chatting.  Please leave comments on her blog entries - show some love! 


Alaska Chick - Thanks to Triberr, I linked up with Alaska Chick and it's been a wonderful journey.  She is possibly one of the most energetic, engaging people I've ever met.  It may have a lot to do with the fact that she deals heavily in custom service, social media, and creative pursuits.  This gal is a real hoot but she is also serious when it comes to business.  She is a mother of two, a thought leader, and a great friend.

Alaska Chick's Twitter:  @girlygrizzly

Jen Olney (a.k.a. Ginger) - Another kind soul I've met via Triberr. What I love about Jen is that she does not worry about hype or playing the numbers game. She does not toot her own horn much either. Instead, she focuses on helping others. Her spirit of servitude is inspiring!

Jen's Twitter:  @gingerconsult

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Our Mission

Hmmm..  How can we make this sound compelling without sounding like a load of horse radish?

In a few words, we want to create a community of people seeking to enrich their lives and the lives of others so mutual sharing of real-life experiences.  We don't want to be just about the sugar-coated stuff you see everywhere else.  We'll tell it how it is because we know, somewhere out there, there are people looking for this stuff.

In sharing our personal stories, thoughts, and struggles, we'll offer some other resources to consult for more information.  We hope to help you establish a delicate balance in your life where everything flows naturally, allowing you to embrace the principle-driven lifestyle.  In this manner, we all become leaders in our own rights.

Rules of Engagement
This one is easy.  Share your thoughts, promote related material, and be constructive in your presentation.  Mean-spirited, purely-negative stuffs will be deleted.  This is to be a sort of sanctuary for those looking to develop themselves further and meet others at similar points in their lives.

No judgment here.  Just open, real talk.