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Friday, July 22, 2011

Breast Feeding and the Public

Some information on me: I am a SAHM (stay at home mom), I breastfeed, have been for over 6 months now :) and I cloth diaper. Link

So I came across a post the other day at and it had what is called a poll on breastfeeding and being in public, and no where in there did it have a choice for breastfeeding without a cover. That bothered me because I do not always use a cover if I do not need to. Then I came across another article on Ruby Tuesdays and breastfeeding and how because this old couple felt uncomfortable because a woman at the next table was breastfeeding her LO (Little One). The husband of the woman who was breastfeeding in there called it Booby Tuesdays the day they had Breastfeeding Support there. Women have even been ridiculed for feeding their babies in their car, but people eat in their car everyday why is breastfeeding a baby so different?

Now I have been around a lot of people who say to each their own and I feel the same way. I am not going to ridicule someone because they bottle feed their baby because I breastfeed. So why is it fair for someone to ridicule women who breastfeed?

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It is natural and whether you believe in God or you believe in evolution its what women's breasts are there to do. They are not just some hood ornament for men to look at. I breastfeed my child wherever I need to including church. Now because of the Ruby Tuesdays incident I decided to look up the laws in my own state and I learned that I am allowed to breastfeed anywhere including on private property.

It still makes me wonder though why if breastfeeding is so natural then why does it make people uncomfortable? It is okay for anyone to walk into a bar and see topless women but it is not okay to breastfeed our children? It is not like we are whipping our breasts out for everyone to see, I do use a cover when I see fit but I feel if you do not want to see it then do not look.

I know that because of things like this a lot of women will choose the bottle over the breast because they do not want to be embarrassed and that agitates me as well. It is natural!!! It is not like women are whipping their breasts out so that men can see, we are definitely not trying to steal your man so why be offended?

The fact that it was an older couple that were eating at Ruby Tuesdays also aggravated me because the baby has to eat just as much as everyone else does and back then breastfeed was the only other alternative and women were expected to.

It is the women's decision on whether or not she breastfeeds. Furthermore because it is her decision it should be her decision where she breastfeeds. When I go to our local YMCA I am in a bathing suite and it is HOT!!! I AM NOT going to sit there and put a cover over my LO and over heat her because some does not want to see it. I turn my back to everyone so that they can not see and I pull my bathing suite top over and put her right on.

It is my personal opinion that if a women wants to breastfeed then do it and do not let anyone stop you. It is natural and it is a way of bonding with your baby. If the other people do not want to see it then they can look the other way. People do not sit there watching someone bottle feed their baby , they do not need to watch you feed your baby. You are not breastfeeding for anyone else's benefit but your baby's so do not let someone take that from you.

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