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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW: Metal Prints, Wall Art, And Collage Maker

Time for some #RealTalk (brace yourselves)!

NOTE:  I'm about to share a web site that has a product PERFECT for photographers, artists, resellers, Twitch/YouTube personalities, resellers, and affiliate marketers.  Read on for the full deets!

We haven't done a product review on here for a while.  Part of it is due to the silly local restrictions in select markets with Amazon Associates.  Product reviews used to be a steady source of income for many online marketers and content creators but it's become increasingly more difficult to earn an honest living or at least some supplemental income.  The rich get richer and the poor get poorer..  You know the struggle.  It's quite "real", as the kids say.
That said, I have a product today that I am too excited about not to share.  Full disclosure: this is for a client of mine and I have been paid to promote, build backlinks, and get customers.  Truth be told, ShinyPrints is a mama-and-papa shop based out of Jupiter, Florida and they can't afford the full scope of my services (then again, who really gets paid what they're worth - no one, I say!) so this one is kind of on the house .  As such, I am sharing this for the most important reason: this is a product I have used, love, and want to share with everyone. has offers unique, amazing products that I believe in and think everyone should try out.
Now that I've poured my heart and soul out as I am known to do, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. offers two flagship products right now:
Now that you know what and what they offer, let's get into the why and how.  ShinyPrints offers solutions for all types of creative and generous individuals.  Rather than regurgitate all the benefits of going with ShinyPrints, here's a screen cap:

There are tons of reasons you'll love the solution!
I'd say these are all wonderful benefits but the value is far greater.  Check out the new page "Top 4 Reason To Use"  for the details on what us business folks call "unique selling propositions".

Now that we have all the salesy talk out of the way, let's get into what I feel will resonate with people..  You know, beyond the fact that having a huge multi-panel art piece hanging up in your office or home would be FANTASTIC!

64x24 Multi-Panel Metal Print Metal Wall Art | LuxWallArt Etsy Shop
Sample from the ShinyPrints Etsy shop - LuxWallArt - one of the highest rated shops on Etsy!

Shiny Prints For Loved Ones
Gifting has become a rather robotic, perhaps thoughtless process.  It used to be that you would get a guy a wallet or neck tie and a girl a purse or make-up.  Oh, and then there are the ugly knit sweaters that we only wear around family so they don't feel bad.  Now, people don't even bother with the fall-back, cliche gifts.  It's all gift cards or PayPal.  Where's the love and thought behind that?

Imagine getting loved ones a personalized gift that shows you truly get what inspires and excites them.  Imagine if that personalized gift was built to last a lifetime.  Imagine if the only limit to what you could create is your imagination.

For this and many reasons, ShinyPrints make excellent gifts.  The creative component of metal prints ensures that no two prints are alike, unless maybe you are buying them from an metal prints eShop like LuxWallArt.  Even so, chances are no one amongst your circles of friends and family will have the same piece so everyone can feel special!

Shiny Prints For Photographers
I know lots of photographers that stay on the grind full-time.  They struggle because, unless they're working weddings or huge events where they can charge a higher premium, they're desperately seeking work.  I reckon they could do a lot more with their talents if they considered offering metal prints.
With metal prints, you can make a landscape like this come to life.

Let's say you're a landscape, wild life, or, heck, still life photographer.  You get some great shots and then you do what with them?  Place them on your web site and portfolio?  Then what?

If you have great content, why not re-purpose it?  Take those photos and offer them as prints.  Do some commissioned work and sell the prints at a profit.  It's really that simple.

Now, when you take photos of an event you can upsell customers to the better value and more luxurious option: ShinyPrints!  Now those paper prints won't go into some photo album or scrapbook where they'll collect dust.  Your customers can show off the pieces and get people talking about your work.  That's a natural selling opportunity and huge boost to WOMM and referrals!

Batgirl sexy yet classy cosplay.  Beautiful brunette with light eyes!
Batgirl sexy yet classy cosplay.

Another niche I have seen REALLY take off is cosplay.  If you snag some good photos of cosplayers, they'll be sure to pay for them or at least give you permission to sell them and post them elsewhere (very important to bring those release forms with you).  Cosplayers are all over Twitch, YouTube, Vines, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.  The opportunity there is still ripe for the taking, too.

Cosplay may seem silly to some but it just goes to show how passionate we geeks and nerds are about our fandoms.  Folks will cosplay characters from video games, books, movies, TV shows, and more.  The magic happens when people recognize the characters and they make new friends.  Photographers can help spread the love and help professional cosplayers build their brand while tapping into a major growth sector.

One of the most detailed, well thought-out, and likely super expensive Mass Effect cosplays EVER!
A more complex, detailed Mass Effect cosplay.
Shiny Prints For Artists
Artists run into the same problems as photographers.  If you have a strong niche or unique art style, you may be able to keep a steady flow of work and sell your best pieces at a luxury price tag.  For the rest of us, a sustainable income source is the only way we can keep pursuing our true passions.

With ShinyPrints, you can offer customers requested commissioned work a much more exciting product.  With the prominence of Twitch and YouTube these days, I see artists having the greatest opportunity because they can sell rights to their designs or go direct, supplying online personalities with backdrops that will wow their audience and give them a greater professional look.

Anime/cartoon collage featuring Yu-Gi-Oh!, X-Men, DBZ, Pokemon, Tomb Raider, and Disney favorites!
Anime/cartoon collage featuring Yu-Gi-Oh!, X-Men, DBZ, Pokemon, Tomb Raider, and Disney favorites!

If you're particularly gifted as an artist but are not a very good graphic designer (it happens), the Fun Photo Maker collage app will be a great benefit.  Anime and cartoons as a whole are always great conversation starters because you'd be surprised how many different people of various ages, backgrounds, and social circles enjoy these fictional works.

I find that, as big as Japanese (or Japanese-stylized) animation has become, there is still a lack of artists that will do commissioned work.  This leaves the opportunity ripe for the taking.  You could be the one that brings fan art to life.

SEGA video game tribute collage featuring Sonic, Nights, Shenmue, Virtua Fighter, Super Monkey Ball, Kid Chameleon, and more!
SEGA tribute collage featuring Sonic, Nights, Shenmue, Virtua Fighter, Super Money Ball, Kid Chameleon, etc.

One of my personal favorite fandoms is video games, particularly SEGA and retro gaming.  I see collages with my favorite characters, particularly ones from obscure sleeper games, and I just about lose it.  As artists, you have the ability to stir emotion in others like few others can.  Even writers, game designers, and photographers lack this ability because it takes more commitment to get that sort of impact.  As they old adage says...
A picture is worth a thousand words.

I'd take that further and say that an original art piece is worth a million words.  You brilliant artists out there have an amazing power.  Use it for good!  As for me, I can only draw silly cartoons and doodles like this....

"Pirate With Bad Hair" doodle by Yogizilla a.k.a. Yomar Lopez.

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