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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Taboo of Co-Sleeping

I recently took my LO (little one) to her 6 month check up and the doctor asked me if she was sleeping in her own bed, I hesitated and said yes during the day, but at night she sleeps next to me. I waited for him to tell me how bad that was and that I should not be doing that....he didn't. I was shocked because I have read so many things on co-sleeping and a lot of people do not talk about it because it is considered a taboo. My LO's doctor looked at me and said "well you dont drink (I strictly breastfeed) and you are not on anything (drugs or medication) so there is no problem with her co-sleeping because you are not impaired in anyway."  He further stated that they do tell people not to co-sleep. I just stood there not knowing what to say. So I decided to blog about it and give some people looking for information on it the things I have read and that I do co-sleep with my child, it makes it easier for me to check on her and to feed her when she does wake up at night and I'm tired.

Dr. Sears, whom I have been told to look up and to go to his site if I have any questions, did his own experiment on co-sleeping and his conclusion was that co-sleeping is actually very good. Not only does it give the baby a sense of security, he witnessed both his wife and their baby reach out their arms to make sure they were still there, but it helps prevents SIDS because the carbon dioxide that the mother breathes out stimulates the baby to breathe.

I was stunned when I read this because it was a doctor stating how co-sleeping is good. If you would like to read the article yourself:

Now of course I did come across things when I first did my research of the "dangers" of sleeping with baby. I did take what they said into account but after reading the Dr. Sears article there was no way I was going to be afraid to co-sleep with my baby. I know for a fact that I dont "roll over". I dont really think I ever have except when I was a baby myself. I literally pick myself up and turn. In the end as you can see I sleep with my daughter in my bed and I will continue to, at night like I do, until I see fit.If you want to co-sleep with your baby do not let anyone tell you how bad it is considering my 6-month old still sleeps with me and she is perfectly healthy and thriving :D. If you would like to read about the other articles I found they are: and

I also want to point out that they do make little bed things for the baby to sleep in, in your bed.

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And they make bassinets that have a drop side so that you can put it right next to your bed and it is like a added on part for the baby only, it is as high as the bed and all you have to do is roll over and pull them on to your bed. :)