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We Need YOU! 
Read on to find out the WHY and HOW of it all... 

(And how YOU can guest blog with us to help us on our mission to help everyone find contentment and fulfillment in everyday life!)

Unlike other sites out there, I don't want this blog to come off as self-serving rhetoric.  I want to provide a voice to those of us that face real-life issues and aren't afraid to be a little intimate, if not vulnerable.  The web is becoming a more humanized place yet there's still so much lost in all the noise.

I want the stories that are usually lost in the shuffle to become more visible, so they can reach the people that have been looking all along.  We approach all these underlying themes from the central topic of work-life balance so, in some ways, we're trying to help simplify things by showing how life and work can and should blend.  In this approach, we hope to wrestle those thoughts that most seem to take for granted, because we know those simple little things often mean much more to us than we'd like to openly admit at times.

Above all, in doing this, we (yes YOU too) can create some stirring conversations and help simplify matters or at least provide a good starting point for those sorting out ideas within themselves... 

The Challenge 
Having multiple perspectives can be a tough thing to manage, as Gini Dietrich from Spin Sucks shows in this video: 

I believe we can provide a consistent voice while expressing different thoughts that somehow connect.  Again, we don't have to all agree (I'm happy that we do not as it challenges us to become better people) and share a common world view but our vision and principle-driven natures unite us.  This site will cover many topics including, but not limited to...
  • The issues that first-time and single mothers have to face, often alone because they do not know where to find the answers or communities to help.
  • The struggles of those balancing business endeavors and family life.
  • The challenges of those trying to make their business and personal lives work on a tight budget, as many bootstrappers and small business owners today find themselves doing.
  • The often overlooked topics that people forget about while focusing on what everyone else deems more important, relevant, or interesting. 
In a few words, it's all about the little issues we wrestle with, often privately, because we feel our voice won't be heard, others can't relate, or we're simply a bit embarrassed.  We're here to remind you that everyone faces very real struggles and fails, more often than they'd like to admit.

We are here for YOU. 

Team Up With Us!

The Practical Life needs YOU to help spread our message and positive energy throughout the Internet.  Here are some simple ways you can help us:

  • Guest blog on the site.  Visit our Origins page to learn about what  we are looking to focus on here.
  • Share content via social platforms like StumbleUpon, Squidoo, Digg, Delicious, LinkedIn, and Reddit.
  • Post our content on your own sites, with proper attribution and, ideally, your own thoughts and resources to add to the ongoing conversation.
  • Leave your comments and build conversations - let's try to get everyone involved here!
  • Network with us via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, EmpireAvenue, and the like so we may stay connected! 
  • Link to us if your site relates in any way to our focus on work-life balance, family values, and personal development!

Of course, anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated.  I'd like to think we are doing something special out there because I've combed the web and haven't found a site quite like this..  yet.  We're hoping to build a small, highly-active community but, if this site really takes off, that won't necessarily be a bad thing, either!

Let's help others live more balanced, fulfilled lives together!