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Monday, June 20, 2011

What Happened To The Wind Up Swings?

Some background on me: I am a FTM (first time mom) to a baby girl. I come from a big family so I have some help when I need it :)

So when it came time for us to start looking at things to get for my little girl I wanted to get a wind up swing, however, they no longer make them. That got me thinking about the "New and Improved" baby swings. There are some perks to the new battery/electricity baby swings like some play music and have lights and mobiles, and that they turn so that the baby can be swung horizontally or vertically. However there are some down sides like the fact that the average price for one of these swings is anywhere from $130 to $200 dollars (and if people have the budget for it some of them go for more), yet the baby is only going to be in the swing for a few months. The weight limit on most swings is 25lbs, however some people say until the baby can pull themselves forward. So that's about five or six months. So someone is going to pay $100 or more just to use it for six months? 

This made me want to get a wind up swing even more. They are cheaper! To buy one is cheaper for one, and then you do not have to buy batteries or use electricity so you are saving money there! Plus they are more sturdy and distribute the weight of the baby more evenly.

 Needless to say, I couldn't find a wind up swing so I had to buy the "New and Improved" one. My little girl is a peanut, and I had to have her out of it when she was three months old because when I plugged the swing in it would barely rock. 

 So I had the person who could get the best deal at garage sales (my grandfather) to see if he could find a wind up swing. Three days and no luck...Then by what we will call complete luck my mother and I were driving down the road to see my great grandmother and there it was, the exact model my little brother had, in great condition and for $20 dollars :D. So I put my LO (Little One) in it and it works wonderfully.


I have read some people's opinions on the fact that they are noisy and wake up the almost asleep baby, however even when my brothers were in theirs I knew if you wound it up slowly (not so slow that it takes forever to wind) that I doesn't wake up the baby. The swing does click to let you know that it is wound though.

There are some great perks about these "New and Improved" baby swings, my LO loved the music but she didn't like the mobile or the lights, and when she was old enough to like the lights she could no longer swing in it. For the time I used it it was great but I feel that new designs are more to just make more people money.


Pioneer Outfitters said...

Little Mommie, who are you?! LOL, I'm Amber-Lee and I can attest to the fact that you are 100% on the "money."

My son will be 13 years old this year and my little girl just turned 4. The age gap and of course (!!) the fact that she's my sweet baby girl (!!), she couldn't possibly have "blue"!! (I know, shh)

The best stuff was already a thing of the past when my little boy was born, but like magic, look what comes from the attics! When my little girl was born and now, it just makes me cringe. She would rather play with the toys her brother choose as well, the ones that came out of the attic!

~Take Care! Amber-Lee

Mommie To A Beautiful Baby Girl said...

I completely understand! Unfortunately I wasn't able to get much from my "attic" (on account that I don't have one lol) but believe me I'm so very happy and grateful that we were able to find that swing. Somethings I dont like is the fact that they are new and improved things but there are just as many accidents because something goes wrong.

I don't know if you used them, but even bumper pads are not suppose to be used anymore because of mom used them with all of us so I'm using mine with my little girl. It just amazes me what is suppose to be better ends up being just as good but more expensive.

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