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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hunting Dall Sheep & Learning Social Media: How They Relate

Editor's Notes:  In Alaska Chick's piece "Hunting Dall Sheep and Learning Social Media, How They Relate", we see an interesting analogy that actually works.  Quite honestly, I did not think she would bring it home but she did!  Here's an excerpt that shows her quick wit and delightful insight:
Social Media is similar. Most folks that find you on line, want to like you. They want to know more about what they found you for. They want to believe they can trust you...(oh wait...ok, that's not where I'm going! No, I'm not out to hunt and kill contacts!)
...Well, I'm sure there are plenty of times when we want to kill contacts but that's not very socially-acceptable.  This is very true, though: folks on social media are predisposed to like people, unless they're simply too self-absorbed to notice anyone else.

In any social context, I find that any sort of inconsistency is what usually kills a first impression.  After all, we're looking to really connect with people and, to do this, you need honest interaction and genuine people.  This is especially important when communicating our primary focus and interests!

Success with social media is all about authenticity and warmth - which starts with caring about people! 

[Full Text] Hunting Dall Sheep and Learning Social Media, How They Relate


Pioneer Outfitters said...

Hi there, all and everyone! No, I didn't intend to jabber my way into the corner! No killing of contacts, guests or clients (the Boss frowns on the whole idea!) The real point I was attempting to make, and using it here, well it changes it a bit more.

My original direction was to show that the same patience and perseverance that is required in hunting for Dall Sheep is required of someone, especially just beginning, entering and growing in the Social Media relm.

Furthering that idea, for plain straight talk, it goes along with anything we encounter in our lives. We have all known hardships, we have all experienced heart break. Some, probably more than we would like to imagine, have endured horrible and cruel times as well.

Patience, perseverance, and Faith is what will help us, when things are at their worst, hold on or shove through, until the sun rises on us and lights the path to take next.

I am not a hypocrite, I strive to be as brutally honest with myself as I can be. I wasn't gifted with very much patience and what little I have worked hard to learn, seems to run out fairy quickly!(So, I'm not going there!) Sometimes, perseverance seems just too hard, to stand up and stay the path, seems like asking for more abuse to be heaped onto the load that is already too heavy. However, if shoving forward is too much, then all you can do is try to hold ground, don't allow yourself to be shoved back. Just hold, until your strength returns.

Faith. That is a very personal one for each one of us. What ever higher power directs and or guides your life, is there. Waiting to be asked for or only needed. Try to keep that higher power inside of you, close and protected, remember it is there. Remember, and when you are feeling alone or without direction or needing support, reach inside and know that that unending strength of your higher power is there for you. (and so are we!)

I've said it at least a hundred times (and it'll probably be said a hundred more!), the best thing I have found inside this great and powerful new world online with Social Media is ...people. Many very good, compassionate, intelligent, kind people. People from all over the world, from all walks of life, focused on everything from A to Z. This is a great place to be. What a wonderful place to be. ~Amber-Lee (Alaska Chick with Pioneer Outfitters)

Yomar said...

Very moving points here.. What really sticks out for me is the concept of holding your ground. It's something people don't want to talk about very often because it sounds like "failure", yet we sometimes have to be resilient and just survive until we are in a better position to push forward.

Like you have alluded to here, many seem to forget about the social aspect of social media. It's all about connecting with people but, if we're not real and honest in our approach, every interaction becomes mere "small talk".

I love the foundation you created here, and your analogy runs deep. It really works.. For me, it enabled a fresh perspective on everything going on right now.

I definitely urge you all to read the full piece and join the ongoing discussion. It's very compelling!

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