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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Savings and Freebies AFTER Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2012!

You may have noticed we've been rather quiet here on "The Practical Life" (TPL).  Our team of guest bloggers and contributors have all been busy with their own wonderful pursuits but we're still alive and strong!

We're also excited about all the joy, scents, and fun of the season!  How about you?  (Hopefully, Black Friday and Cyber Monday didn't drain y'all too much..  We know how rough it can be!)

Today, we'd like to kick off a series of content revolving around Christmas and the wonderful holiday season.  We'll share freebies such as sweepstakes and contests, great deals and offers, and money-saving tips and advice.  We think this is crucial because few people talk about the bad side of the holiday season:
All the gift shopping and generosity leaves many of us struggling financially.
Of course, you can't tell the kids and loved ones that their birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays are cancelled.  What fun is that?

Never fear - we have tons of goodies and help coming!

Kicking off our new content and dedication to helping single moms, struggling families, and believers in crisis, here are some wonderful sweepstakes and deals to check out, courtesy of Social Prize (I am co-founder of this startup, BTW) and their fantastic sponsors:

sneakpeeq Sells In Style! Diamond Candles, Sweepstakes, and Cyber Monday Fun | Social Prize | Engage & Win Blog

Spirited Prosperity: Cholla Cactus Skeleton Cross from Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, AZ

sneakpeeq, Diamond Candles, and Spirited Prosperity are each brands and organizations that have some powerful stories to share.  We particularly love what Rachel Kerr Schneider is doing with Spirited Prosperity.  She shares a story of great tragedy and how her faith transformed pain into triumph.

Spirited Prosperity sets out with the mission to help women triumph over tragedy.  This is a cause that hits home for all of us as very few can say they've never experienced true loss, heart ache, and struggle.  The cross being given away in the sweepstakes is beautiful and would make a great gift for any Christian!

If you're like many of us and are still wondering how you can finish up all your Christmas shopping and NOT go crazy, sneakpeeq is a particular treat.  They're extending their Cyber Monday sales, which means 20% off Diamond Candles.  15% off everything else plus FREE shipping on orders over $49.  You can find more details about what sort of gifts and goodies you'll find at sneakpeeq by visiting the Social Prize Engage & Win Blog.

And, if you haven't heard about Diamond Candles, here's a small company that has grown rapidly since early 2012.  They sell all-natural scented soy candles.  Diamond Candles come in many varieties, too, including holiday scents to get you in the right spirit!

What makes Diamond Candles even more exciting is the fact each candle comes with a ring worth up to $5,000!  This is completely legitimate.  Just Google it and you'll find videos of people revealing their rings and sharing their excitement with the world.  Click the image below to enter the sneakpeeq Diamond Candles sweepstakes and pick up some at deep discounts before they're all gone!